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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Effective and Speedy Cable Replacement

I provide thorough inspection on a regular basis, but I must have missed a tiny cut on one of the garage door cables. When I found that it had got broken during the night, I contacted the emergency service of Garage Door Repair Farmington for help. I described the situation to them and the specifics of the cables directly over the phone. They were with me in no time and I was truly impressed with their fast reaction and flexibility. What's more, they brought an exactly matching replacement garage door part. The remarkable technicians completed the replacement job quickly and garage door service was excellent.

Timely Saved Wood Panels

I have a pair of beautiful overhead doors made from wood. Even though I had painted them, I noticed signs of decay. I chose Garage Door Repair Farmington to resolve the problem because I knew about their great experience in dealing with damaged wood panels. The unmatched technicians provided thorough inspection to identify the decayed areas. They removed the damaged material and use the best filler and sealant. They did a masterful job and it was the most effective garage door panel repair ever. The professionals also painted the door for me and provided advice on moisture protection. Thanks for a full service of top quality.

Excellent Garage Door Spring Repair

My overhead garage door kept hitting the floor hard during closing and I got worried that it may get seriously damaged. When I contacted Garage Door Repair Farmington for assistance, they responded immediately. The swift technicians who were sent to my house were very polite and professional. They discovered that the problem was due to the torsion coil trampoline spring being less tight than it was supposed to be and provided complete garage door spring repair on the spot. I was literally fascinated with how dexterously and quickly they worked plus they performed a test to confirm that the fix was successful which really won me over as a customer.

Improved Garage Door Security

I wanted to make my overhead garage door more secure and this company provided a complete solution which was even more effective than I had hoped. They perfectly installed a brand new electric opener with rolling code technology and lighting which features a motion sensor detector. Likewise, replaced worn-out hardware components to ensure that the unit would not be easy to open by hand and completed the project with the installation of a deadbolt lock and a wireless garage door keypad. The magnificent technicians worked with great accuracy and complete focus. For me, Garage Door Repair Farmington has the top industry specialists around.

Great garage door service

“We started hearing a few strange noises coming from our garage doors the other day, so the next morning we got Garage Door Repair in Farmington to send out a repair technician. When he got to my house he didn’t take more than a few minutes to diagnose that there wasn’t anything broken, and all the doors needed was just a little routine maintenance that included some lubrication and adjusting the tension in the springs. After he had finished, everything was working great again. He gave us really good service for a fair price, and we’re extremely pleased. They are highly recommended!”


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