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Galvanized or Non-Galvanized Garage Door Parts?

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Galvanized or Non-Galvanized Garage Door Parts?

Non-Galvanized Garage Door Parts | Garage Door Repair Farmington, MN

Are you among those people who wonder whether to get galvanized garage door parts or not? Well, the real question is how big of a difference will galvanization actually make in your daily routine? Another question you may be asking yourself is whether all of your system's parts need to be galvanized or just a few of them?

What is Galvanized Steel Anyway?

The process of galvanization involves taking steel or iron based material and applying it with a coat of protective zinc. This makes the new component more resistant to rust and less affected by moisture. Another reason why manufacturers construct garage doors and their components from a galvanized material is that the process also makes the relevant component much sturdier.

How Exactly Does The Process Work?

Steel is galvanized after going under a procedure of being coated with zinc. The truth is that the methods for doing this can differ. When steel is hot-dipped, zinc actually blends with it and makes it much stronger and more resistant. Steel won't be as resistant if it is merely applied with zinc via a spray. Its resistance will be superficial, but it will be less costly than it's hot-dipped variant. Zinc coated garage doors and their various parts must be resilient to scratches, sea salt and moisture, so they won't begin to oxidize, a process otherwise known as – rust.

So Should Every Part of My System Be Galvanized?

Not necessarily. The problem is that garage systems must be very durable, so they gain a benefit from undergoing this process. However, torsion springs that undergo galvanization have been shown to be not as durable as their regular counterparts. They lose their tension more easily and need to be readjusted much more often. Every time you require them to be adjusted, you may face additional problems.

On the other hand, when it comes to the tracks or the door itself, galvanized steel is the ideal option. In these cases, the great properties of galvanized steel trump its regular variety, and you will be able to enjoy such components for a longer period of time.

So, if galvanized components are better than non-galvanized ones, why do we still wonder whether to get them or not?

Make a choice depending on your needs

Although the coating process is not a new practice in the industry, it's rare that garage door parts need to be replaced every year. Some stay with us even for decades. So, when the time for their replacement does come, homeowners can be hesitant to choose a material they aren't used to.
Galvanized components, especially hot-dipped ones, will be more expensive than non-galvanized ones. However, if you live in a rain-prone area, you'll most likely want to consider going for them.


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