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Garage Door Springs
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There are various types of garage door springs but they all have one basic job: to open and close the door. The main types are the torsion and extension springs but still these are also differentiated by the way they are manufactured. There are oil tempered garage door springs, which are excellent for heavy doors since they go through high temperature heating process in order to be stronger. There are galvanized springs and springs with coils in contact with each other or separated. Some are more flexible than others and depending on their size and manufacturing process, they will be suitable for doors of certain weights.

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Garage Door Springs We know everything about garage door springs and offer great services. Everyone at Garage Door Repair Farmington is experienced with all types of springs. Since they are the major mechanical parts, we ought to know which springs will be best for the door of each client. Our expertise underlines our ability to help you out when you have such hesitations or you are confused about how to measure your current springs. Our garage door repair spring services are immediate when there is something seriously wrong with the door due to the springs. You can depend on our specialized team for garage door torsion spring adjustment or any other repair service.

All technicians at Garage Door Repair Farmington utilize their knowledge extensively when it comes to spring services. Springs need great attention because they are responsible for the opening of the door and can be dangerous if they snap. We arrive at the house of our customers as soon as possible thanks to our good organization and great care we have for each one of them. We ensure great spring replacement, adjustment and installation. We also promise speed when the problem is urgent and assistance to all matters related to overhead door springs. Whether you need our opinion before spring replacement or want safety tips to avoid spring accidents, you can rely on us.

Don't be hesitant when it comes to your safety. Call our spring experts!

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